Which Dog Breed is Best for Your Lifestyle?

Active Lifestyle

American Staffordshire

The American Staffordshire needs a daily workout that is high inactivity. This breed loves going on long runs with its’ owner or playing a good game of ball. American Staffordshire’s also love different types of mind games as well. These dogs are very courageous, strong, and very intelligent.  

Border Collie

The amount of energy a Border Collie has is outrageous. This dog breed needs more than just a walk around the block or playing in the yard. Going on runs would be a great exercise for not just the owner but the dog as well.


If your lifestyle is the type where hiking, swimming, and running is almost an everyday thing well then the Brittany Dog Breed is just for you because they thrive in just that.

Belgian Malinois

Originally the Belgian Malinois breed was used for military and police work and seeing as how both require the dog to be in shape and active, this dog breed is perfect for active lifestyles. Give them something stimulating to do and they are as happy as can be.  


The heritage of Dalmatians is what is called a “coach dog” which is when they ran alongside horse-drawn carriages for miles and miles making this breed the PERFECT running companion.

Laid Back Lifestyle


The bulldog is by far the most laid-back canine breed, because of its lovely personality and mild disposition. This strong canine has an intuition to delight and for that reason is perfect for families.


Pugs aren’t simply clean-going, however, they can adapt without difficulty to any scenario. From dwelling thankfully in a domestic that has a big backyard to dwelling in a small condominium with confined space; pugs can thankfully stay nearly anywhere. Even though they are playful, sociable, and usually inclined to please. Due to their playful and social nature, they make amazing partners for all family members. Better still, they’re easy to keep and take care of due to the fact they require minimum exercise.


The compact canine has a pear-actual body, lighter hindquarters, and heavy forequarters. Its lion-like picture implies courage. Despite its small size, Pekingese is definitely a brave family canine. The easy-going canine is intelligent, affectionate, and could continually remain dedicated to its owners. Though it enjoys lengthy walks, it doesn’t always require a great deal of outside space.

Tibetan Spaniel

Talk of an easy-going canine with a satisfied attitude and you’ll be talking about the Tibetan Spaniel. The remarkably cool canine is a wonderful preference for absolutely everyone who is looking for a happy companion that most likely will fall asleep beside them. In reality, this breed doesn’t need a whole lot of indoor area which makes it a remarkable choice for rental life.

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound normally isn’t the type that will be happy to accompany you on long walks but they are very happy to cuddle on the couch with you.  Its cheerfully wagging tail makes it appear delightful and sociable. This breed requires very minimal exercise and grooming making it perfect for a laid-back lifestyle.  

Family Dogs

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever has been the most popular dog in the United States for years now, and there is a reason for that; the breed is very trainable, friendly, loving, and patient. Though they may have a high energy level, they are wonderful with kids, making them our number one choice for families.


Bulldogs are calm, friendly, and courageous. They can adapt to pretty much any setting. They don’t need too much exercise except the occasional walk and they make a wonderful companion to children.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is highly active and needs daily exercise but that doesn’t stop it from being a terrific family dog. This breed is highly devoted, friendly, and very intelligent. They are eager to please their owner and make wonderful companions to families with kids.


Sadly, there isn’t much history we can find on the Beagle breed but what we do know is that its compact size, intelligence, and the fact that they are easy to care for are what makes them an excellent family dog and amazing with kids.