What is the Best Dog Crate? Choosing the Right Crate to Fit Your Needs

Dog crates, like dogs, come in many shapes and sizes and have a variety of features. In this post, I hope to help you narrow things down so you can make a decision you’re happy with.

I’ll try to keep things simple!

There are many high quality dog crates for sale online, and you don’t have to pay a fortune for one unless you have a super-destructive pet.

Luxury Crates

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Luxury crates range anywhere in price from $375-2400 dollars, or more. Although I have never personally purchased one, there are certain instances where a luxury crate might best suit your needs.

Some dogs have super-high anxiety and will destroy virtually any normal crate. As the owner of a boarding business, I have witnessed these dogs in action, and they are a force to be reckoned with!

If your dog has terrible separation anxiety, or unreasonably destructive tendencies when bored, luxury crates are the logical answer.

You will have to pay top-dollar for them, but you will likely never have to purchase another crate. Some companies even have payment plans to match their prices.

What makes them so expensive? Superior building materials and construction, specialized dog-proof latching systems, puppy dividers, collapsibility, transportability, carry-handles, wheels, and ceiling hatches for top-down access to the inside of the crate make them more costly.

Plus, they are virtually inescapable for those of you with dogs who are escape-artists.

Designer Crates

If you’re searching for something that looks like a piece of furniture in your home, look for designer crates. You can find beautiful designer crates in abundance online.

Designer crates  typically range in price from about $175–600 dollars and are constructed from wood or other non-traditional crate materials.

When buying one, make sure the crate you choose can be easily cleaned without ruining the wood.

Designer crates are better suited to dogs with an average, non-destructive temperament because of the materials used for construction. They also tend to have simple door latches, so you’ll want to check latches regularly to make sure they stay in good repair.

An extension to the idea of designer crates is the crate that is built into a certain area of your home, such as the laundry room or kitchen.

I’ve seen some great designs and have considered them myself since my husband and I enjoy construction. Cost is completely dependent upon you, unless you hire someone to build it.

Wire Crates

The most common dog crates on the market are made from wire and generally range in price from $30-200 dollars.

Wire crates are highly portable and well-ventilated. They are made from heavy-gauge wire that most dogs will not mess with.

But if you have an escape-artist, unusually strong, or highly destructive pet, you will have to search around for the best on the market or go with a luxury crate.

There are some pretty hilarious videos online demonstrating how clever dogs escape wire crates!

Typically, most wire crates are designed with a plastic, pull-out tray that slides into the bottom for easy cleaning. Added features include puppy dividers, dual entrances, handles, wheels, collapsibility, and (mostly) dog-proof latches.

My dog Charlie Brown has a wire crate, and he loves it!

Pet Carriers

Although not technically a crate, some people like to use their pet carriers as crates because they have the dual-purpose of car travel, and that means making only one purchase. Carriers range in price from $30-400 dollars depending upon size and construction.

Although they don’t have all the handy features of crates, carriers do provide your dog with the safety he needs while you are away from home.

Carriers are typically constructed from hard plastic with heavy-gauge wire doors and windows for ventilation, plus a carrying handle. Companies have also started making carriers with top-load doors, which is a fantastic feature.

Unfortunately, aside from taking carriers outdoors and hosing them down, there isn’t really a handy way to clean the inside if your dog has an accident. Most models do disassemble top from bottom, so it makes cleaning a bit easier, but not much! Of course, the smaller the carrier, the easier it is to clean.

Keeping it Simple

Finding a crate to fit your needs will be fairly simple for the majority of you.

The exceptions will be for those of you who have anxious and destructive dogs, or escape artists. Unfortunately, you may not realize your dog fits the bill until he has either completely demolished or cleverly escaped his crate!

As always, if you have questions or need help making your decision, feel free to comment below or email me with specifics, and I will be happy to help however I can.



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5 thoughts on “What is the Best Dog Crate? Choosing the Right Crate to Fit Your Needs”

  1. Hey Carrie, I very much enjoyed reading your review of ‘What is the Best Dog Crate’. Boy, takes me back. In a previous life, Im quite old now, we raised and showed Shetland Sheepdogs, Shelties. We had a kennel room in our basement where our dogs were housed in Vari Kennels I think they were called. Very much like the plastic carrying crates you talk about in your article. AS you say, they were convenient, as we could carry our dogs to a show in the back of our station wagon in their kennels quite easily, as well as house them when at the shows.

    We never had a destructive dog or an escape artist, thank heaven. I do miss those days so thank you for bring back all my memories with your post.

    1. Hi, William! Thank you for your shared memories:) I also remember the Vari Kennels—they are actually still for sale by Petmate on Amazon. 

      Shelties are great dogs. I bet you do enjoy your memories from those days. I have a good friend who breeds and sells Golden Retrievers, and I have enjoyed attending shows with her over the years. There’s nothing else quite like it.

      Thanks for sharing—I am glad you enjoyed your walk down memory lane.


    2. And William, come back again to visit Dog Lovers Express—we would love to benefit from your experience:)

  2. My dog has the wire mesh too. We just throw blankets in it that can be washed. He likes it so much he puts himself to bed often.

    1. Wire crates get the job done for most dogs! They provide secure and well-ventilated quarters for your dog. A pillow or soft blanket makes things comfy and is easily thrown in the wash for cleanliness.

      Thanks for your feedback, Charlie. Nice to hear from you again!

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