Imagine having to grow up without a dog to play with and run around with. Were you able to imagine it? Well, that was my childhood. My dad is allergic to dogs (and everything else with fur) I grew up without a dog my entire childhood. But don’t get me wrong, I have always been a huge dog lover. I just had to wait until I was out of my parent’s house.

Hi there my name is Nicole and I am so glad to have you here, that means that you must be a dog lover as well. Fantastic! Well, let me tell you a little bit about my journey to becoming a dog mom. It wasn’t the easiest, let me tell you that.

At the beginning of 2016, my boyfriend had gotten me my first puppy. She was so tiny and the cutest thing ever. We named her Thelma Belma. Unfortunately, we didn’t even have her for about a month when she caught Parvo and because she was still a baby she didn’t make it even with the at-home treatments the vet gave us.

After that about a month or two went by when my boyfriend’s mom came over to hold a baby blue nose pitbull puppy. She had such a big head for her body. She was black and white but her black was jet black and her white was pure white, she was gorgeous. I instantly fell in love. So before we allowed her to be put down my boyfriend and I bleached the entire house twice (had to make sure the Parvo was completely gone). We named her Krimsin Tide. I will be sure to write a post going into more details about this situation but when Krimsin Tide was only 2 years old she began to cry every time she sat or laid down.

We originally thought it was because she was in heat (cramps) but it just kept getting worse. We ran her to the hospital and the vet told us that we had to get her fixed, no if and or buts about it.  So she was able to get us an emergency appointment at the Pet Doctor on the same day. Who was nice enough to do x-rays for free (since the first vet never sent her x-rays over) but Pet Doctor said they felt like it wasn’t an emergency but they do think she should still be fixed so we scheduled her surgery for the coming Monday. 

Monday came and we dropped her off, picked her up just for her to have a stroke not even 48 hours after surgery. We rushed her to her vet. When we handed her to the vet assistant she was coherent but they went to the back and not even 30 seconds later came out and said she is no longer breathing on her own. 

That was the WORSE night of our lives. 

For months we didn’t even want another dog near us. It wasn’t until when his mom blue nose male puppy was about 6 months when we got extremely close to him and basically took him as our own. His name is DeeOhGee and we still have him. He is about 3 years old.

When DeeOhGee was about a year and a half one of my boyfriend’s friends came over holding a puppy so small he fit in my palm. He was on the verge of death, super skinny, drinking his own pee. There was no way we could just turn him away. Well, his name is Tear Tear Boy and we still have him as well. He grew up to be a gorgeous dog.

After we had Tear Tear Boy for about just over a year someone we knew said their friend’s truck broke down right down the street from our house. My boyfriend went to go help and that’s when the guy asked us if we could watch his dog overnight and my boyfriend being the amazing individual he is said yes. Well, he came dropped her off in a hurry, didn’t tell us her name or anything about her, and then just never showed back up. We started calling her Mamas and she listened so that name stuck. And yes we still have her to this day as well.

My journey to becoming a dog mom has been a tough one but I didn’t give up and looking back I’m glad I didn’t.

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