15 Random Facts About Dogs

Learning new things about dogs really is an enjoyable thing for me. I feel it helps me understand my dogs a lot more. Here are some random facts about dogs:

  1. Dog’s nose prints are unique, just like a human’s fingerprints
  2. We have all seen our dogs kick backward after going to the bathroom and many of us believe it is to cover it up but that isn’t the case. Dogs kick backward to mark their territory with the scent glands in their feet.
  3. Dogs have 1,700 different taste buds compared to humans who have 2,000 – 10,000 different taste buds.
  4. Carried on from when dogs use to be wild and were vulnerable, dogs curl up into a ball is to protect their organs from predators.  
  5. Dogs are NOT colorblind. They just don’t see colors as bright as we do. They actually see in shades of colors.
  6. Greyhounds are the fasts dog breed.
  7. Labrador Retrievers are the #1 dog breed in not only the United States but in the United Kingdom and Canada.
  8. In dogs, obesity is the #1 health problem.
  9. Dogs have no sense of time. So when you are gone only an hour to them it’s forever.
  10. Have you ever wondered why it takes your dog so long to find a place to go potty at? It’s because they are known to poop in alignment with the earth’s magnetic field.
  11. Dogs were domesticated around 9,000 and 34,000 years ago.
  12. Dalmatians are actually born completely white and gain their spots as they get older.
  13. I am not too sure how but I will definitely do some research and do a post on it but apparently, dogs can be trained to detect cancer in humans, AMAZING!
  14. A wet nose helps dogs absorb scent chemicals.
  15. Dogs do get jealous when their owner shows another dog’s attention.

And there you have it, 15 random facts about dogs. How many did you already know?